Learning Development Centre Showcase and Debate, 1st February

The Education Support Team will be participating in the Learning Development Centre Showcase on Wednesday 1st February. City University London staff are invited to come along to find out more about the projects being run around the university.

We will be showcasing two projects:

iTunes U

iTunes U is in its second year at City University London, with over 7000 downloads to date. Our site contains recordings of lectures, presentations and guest speakers, as well as interviews with students and video diaries. iTunes provides a well-known, easy-to-use platform for multimedia publishing and podcasting, which is a great way to showcase research, teaching and learning. Example podcasts from our site will be shown on the stall, along with suggestions of how podcasting and iTunes U can benefit your teaching and research profile.

Feed Forward project

Feed Forward is a tutorial system hosted on Moodle which is designed to help students make the most out of the feedback they receive from their assignments. Students combine the markers feedback they receive on an assignment with a quiz on that provides operational feedback. Students then write a short reflection on their work in which they explore areas for improvement in their next assignment based on the different forms of feedback they have received. This reflection is then discussed in their next meeting with their tutor. This system helps students get more out of both their assignment feedback and gives tutorial meetings an educational focus rather than purely pastoral care. We will be demonstrating the system and will be on hand if you have any further questions.

To register to attend the showcase please complete the booking form