Moodle tips – adding an rss feed to your Moodle module

Moodle tips – module organisation

We’re starting a series of Moodle tips for staff (for Moodle 1.9 for those reading this outside of City University London).
The first is a basic one to do with layout of the module. I have noticed that some modules have all the documents/ weblinks/assignments etc together in a long list. This can be difficult for students to navigate. So we recommend a structure similar to this

Screen shot of Moodle module page

Labelling the topics or weeks

It is a good idea to split your content up into sections. For some courses that is done by week, for others it is done by topic. You could also consider having a general information and assessment section at the top or bottom of the module. To label the week sections

Turn the editing on

Click the hand icon (see below)

Type the name of the week or topic in the box. You can change the font size/bold the text etc

Click save changes

To move items around

You can move items (documents/weblinks/assignments etc) with drag and drop

Click on the icon to the right of the document name that looks like a compass and hold the mouse button down while you drag the document/weblink etc to the correct place. A grey line appears when you are hovered in the correct place. Release the mouse button and it should drop into place. Please note, drag and drop doesn’t always work with all browsers (Internet Explorer especially) so we recommend that you use Firefox when accessing Moodle

Item names

Please check that the name you have given a document/weblink/assessment etc is clear and easy for the student to understand. If you feel you would like to rename it you can click on the hand icon to the right of the current name

Change the name by typing the new name into the ‘name’ box

Click save and return to course (found at the bottom of the page)

Header image

Every module has a header image at the top of the page. Usually this is one that we have assigned to you. If you have a more appropriate header image please do email it to with your module code. Please note that images that need to be approximately 800 x 200 pixels and available under creative commons licence.  Alternatively you could send us a photo that you took.