Reflections on MoodleMootUK 11

Photo from MoodleMootUK11


I attended MoodleMoot this year and last year and would recommend it to all those working with Moodle or considering moving to Moodle. It attracts people from different sectors including schools, FE, HE, business, charities, police, public sector etc. It is a great place to network and find out about new innovations.

What I enjoyed this year was:

  •  the knowledge cafe section. On the second day we were split into groups based on our first name and we discussed different topics in our groups. Some colleagues of mine didn’t find this a very useful session but I met some interesting people from different sectors and was able to get a good understanding of their issues with Moodle (although we set our agenda and didn’t merely talk about the designated topics which probably helped).
  •  It’s always good to hear from Martin Dougiamas (via Skype this year)
  • Thought-provoking sessions. I did manage to pick some good ones which was helpful!
  • The MoodleMoot app was very handy (although the programme was a little small). I think it was worthwhile and I would recommend that it was used each year
  • The twitter stream was very interesting and I would encourage more people to tweet during the conference

My suggested improvements for next year

I have already completed my feedback form including these suggestions

Knowledge cafe sessions

The Knowledge cafe sessions should be on the first day and should be streamed more effectively. It would be useful to talk to people in the same boat e.g. those that are considering moving to Moodle, those that currently have Moodle 1.9 and are evaluating Moodle 2, different sectors etc. Having these sessions on the first day would allow people to continue to network and discuss during the breaks.

One keynote per day

One of the grumbles on twitter was that there were two keynotes per day and, with the exception of Martin Dougiamas, three of them didn’t talk about Moodle at all. As it is a Moodle conference I think the focus should be on Moodle. If there was one keynote per day it would allow for two extra workshop or discussion sessions which I would have found more valuable. I must say though that, on the whole, I did enjoy the keynotes and Sugata Mitra was a highlight last year.


The abstracts for the sessions were not available to look at before the conference. This would have been helpful as I went to one session on a tool and it turned out that I had used it more than the presenter! This was a waste of my time but I could have found this out if I’d had time to look at the abstract.

Streamed workshops

One of the workshop sessions that I attended had two very different topics. I think it would be helpful to have streams e.g. sector based, innovations/tools etc. This would help when choosing which sessions to attend and would stop the need to sneak out of one room and into another in order to see the talks that you want.

MoodleMoot app

The app was very useful and I hope that it is developed for next year. I would prefer the programme to launch in a full screen as it was hard to read all the text without a lot of scrolling. It would also be very handy to have the abstracts and room numbers updated.

On the whole, I am glad that I attended MoodleMoot. I look forward to attending next year, perhaps somewhere other than London!